Beginning of the Year FAQs

  1. Dress Code
  2. School Supplies
  3. Hot Lunch Program
  4. Shuttle Program

Dress Code

Since its founding, St. Anselm’s has maintained a dress code. Through these guidelines, the school seeks to reinforce a positive learning environment characterized by mutual respect, collegiality, and academic excellence.  
A summary of the dress code is below. For more details, please see our Student Handbook.  
Normal Dress Code:  This is the dress expected on a daily basis at all times in the Academic Building, and throughout campus from the beginning of first period until dismissal.
  • Jacket (October through April): Blazer, sport coat, or suit jacket.
  • Trousers: Cotton twill khakis, corduroys, or dress pants of any color. Jeans and cargo pants are not considered to be dress trousers.
  • Belt: Leather or club belt, or suspenders.
  • Shirt: Button-down Oxford dress shirt, which may be of any color, with a straight or spread collar.  Shirts must be kept tucked in at all times.
  • Sweaters: A wool or cotton sweater or vest may be worn, provided they fit comfortably under the jacket.  Sweatshirts, hoodies, and fleeces are not part of regular dress code.
  • Tie: Regular or bowtie, tightened up to the collar.
  • Shoes: Standard dress oxfords or loafers, or suede oxfords of any color.  Oxfords must have laces and be kept tied. If a student wears boots or work shoes in inclement weather, they must change into regular dress shoes upon arriving at school.
  • Socks:  Dark dress socks or colored argyles. White athletic socks or ankle socks are not considered dress code.
Casual Dress and Tag Days: From time to time, the school hosts casual-dress days, known as “Tag Days”, which may have a particular theme or color.  Students are typically asked to pay a nominal fee ($5 or less) to participate in a Tag Day, the proceeds of which may go to support a charitable organization or a special project in the school.
Students and parents are asked to keep the following guidelines in mind with regard to Tag Days:

  • Jeans, cargo pants, and other casual pants are acceptable; however, shorts and pajama pants are not acceptable school attire.
  • Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are not suitable.
  • No clothing with inappropriate messages, including advertisements for or references to alcohol, tobacco, or drug products.
  • Flip-flops / sandals and bare feet are not permitted.

 School Supplies 

The school provides most of the materials students will need for class. Below is a list of basic materials needed. (Note: Some Upper School teachers may indicate additional supplies needed after the first day of class).

  • One box of pens
  • One box of pencils
  • Backpack
  • Athletic shoes and socks for Physical Education/Intramurals (A shirt and shorts will be provided)

 Hot Lunch Program

Families may enroll in our daily hot lunch program for a flat fee per semester. This year, the cost for lunch is $6.25, for a total of $456.25 for the fall semester and $556.25 for the spring semester. You may make your payment online or mail a check to the school with the form below. Please enroll for the spring semester by August 19, 2016.

The lunch menu is posted online on our Students Page

Download the Letter about the Hot Lunch Program

Click here to pay for Hot Lunches

Shuttle Program

The school offers shuttles paid on a yearly basis in the morning from Fort Totten Metro (7:15 am to 7:40 am), from Bethesda/Friendship Heights (pickup between 7:00-7:20 am, depending on the stop), and from Northern Virginia (pickup between 6:40-7:10 am, depending on the stop).

To reserve a place on the shuttle, you may pay online or send a check to the school with the form below. Please make sure to include the best morning contact name and phone number to reach you in case of an emergency.

Tickets are available in the main school office for more temporary use of the shuttle from Fort Totten both in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Download the Letter about the Shuttle Program

For more detailed information, please see consult our Student Handbook below. With questions, you may contact our Head of Upper School Mr. Alex Morse or Head of Middle School Mr. James Leathers

Student Handbook 2016-2017