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These are only a few of the more than 1,500 men who have graduated from St. Anselm's Abbey School since our founding in 1942. To learn more about these individuals and how St. Anselm's shaped their lives, click "View Full Profile" next to any name below.

Pankaj Agarwalla '00
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Classics Scholar
  • Volunteer EMT

St. Anselm's made me who I am today. The faculty pushed me as a young scholar to new personal heights of critical thinking, hard work, and morality.

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Stephen Kinnaird '80
  • Law Partner
  • Rhodes Scholar
  • Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania Law School

St. Anselm's shaped my life as much as any institution. It is where my intellectual interests first awakened, with the inspiration of wonderful teachers.

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Morgan O'Brien '62
  • Wireless Communications Pioneer
  • Business Leader
  • Lecturer

My four years at St. Anselm’s were the cornerstone on which I built everything of lasting value in my life.

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Adewole Adamson '01
  • Physician
  • Researcher
  • Public Service Fellow, Harvard

To this day I continue to reap the benefits of the rigorous academics and foundational study skills I learned and honed at the Abbey.

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Joseph Zorc '84
  • Emergency Pediatrician
  • Associate Professor of Medicine

Ora et Labora, Pax in Sapientia: these intertwined values of faith and academics are at the core of the St. Anselm’s experience.

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William Fennell '66
  • International Trade Attorney
  • Member and Past Chair, St. Anselm's Board of Trustees

The education I got at St. Anselm’s is the most important education that I have received. Its effects on me continue to this day.

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Robert Ross '93
  • Major, U.S. Army
  • West Point Graduate
  • Husband & Father

The Benedictine monks served as moral role models: grounded, serious, and dedicated to leading examined, conscientious lives.

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David Burke '84

  • Investment Manager
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Lecturer, Stanford University

St. Anselm’s remains an important part of who I am. I regularly think back to the values and experiences I took away from my six years there.

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Brian Devine '59
  • Business Executive
  • Civic Leader
  • Philanthropist

St. Anselm’s prepared me to handle anything and everything in life, allowing me to succeed in government and business but remain grounded with a social conscience.

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Daniel Calingaert '82
  • Expert on Democracy Issues and Civil Society
  • Non-Profit Executive
  • Lecturer

St. Anselm’s is a rare and special place... it prizes excellence yet is down-to-earth. I am very fortunate to have been part of St. Anselm’s.

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