Academic Excellence

75 years of rigorous, classical education

Faculty/Staff Directory OLD

Name Position/Department Email Phone
Henry Achilles Social Studies Department, Chair 202-269-2356
Religion Department, Chair;
Director of Summer Programs 202-269-2351
H. D. Baha Director of Information Technology 202-269-2384
Lisa Barry Main Office 202-269-2350
Chris Battle Science & Mathematics Departments 202-269-2366
Pablo Bonilla Facilities Staff  
Maureen Boman Fine Arts Department 202-281-1660
Tamara Brown Registrar/Office Manager 202-269-2350
Nancy Sheeran Cholis English Department 202-269-2364
Peter Collins, '74 Facilities Department 202-269-2352
Mark Commins Director of Finance and Operations 202-281-1645
Paul Commins Mathematics & Social Studies Departments 202-269-2369
John Corrigan, '83 Mathematics Department, Chair 202-269-2368
Mark Dean Physical Education Department 202-281-1646
Zack Delgado, LAT, ATC Athletic Trainer 202-269-2353
Hal DeLuca Director of College Counseling
English Department 202-269-2375
Charles T. Downey, Ph.D. Fine Arts Department, Chair
Modern Languages Department 202-269-2382
Maryrita Dunlavey
Librarian 202-269-2349
Janine Dunne English Department, Chair 202-269-2357
Alex Edsall, '10

Belen Fernandez de la Pena
Athletic Department


Modern Languages Department







Adam Fries Classical Languages & Social Studies Departments 202-269-2351
Susan Ginsberg Staff Accountant 202-281-1662
John Goldberg

Patrick Granfield, '99
Campus Ministry & Service
Religion Department
Assoc. Dir. of Admissions

Assistant to the President Director of Admissions
Abdel Gubartalla Modern Languages Department


Fr. Michael Hall, OSB, Ph.D., '56 Headmaster Emeritus;
Prior; Chaplain;
Religion & Social Studies Departments


Lawrence Hamm, '68 Director of Alumni Affairs


Jeffrey Harwood Associate Director of College Counseling;
Social Studies Department


Larry Joseph, Ph.D. Modern Language Department, Chair


Kay Kalhorn

Murat Kayali

Science Department

Social Studies Department


Mary Kelly Director of Communications 202-281-1650
Sean Lane Dean of Students;
Technology Department 202-269-2354
James Leathers, '04 Head of Middle School;
English Department 202-269-2377
Michael E. Lodico, Jr. Fine Arts Department 202-281-1673
Marcel Maican, Ph.D. Fine Arts Department 202-269-2363
Michael Manglitz, Ph.D., '00 English, Social Studies, and Mathematics Departments 202-269-2368
Stacey Marnell School Counselor 202-269-2388
Jessie Martin Science Department 202-269-2381
Michael McCarthy Director of Student Activities;
English Department;
Student Publications Advisor 202-281-1658
Thomas J. Mehigan Director of Faculty Development;
Social Studies Department 202-269-2387
Melissa Montoya Modern Languages Department 202-269-2371
John Montroll Mathematics Department 202-269-2369
Jose R. Morales Director of Facilities 202-269-2383
Alex Morse Head of Upper School;
English Department 202-269-2367
Br. Matthew Nylund, OSB Modern Languages Department 202-269-2361
Jim Power, Ed.D. Head of School 202-269-2355
Stephen Roush Athletic Director 202-281-1651
Dennis Sisson

Fr. Samuel Springuel, OSB, Ph.D., '98
Facilities Department

Science Department
Michael Staron Religion Department 202-269-2357
Bryan Taylor Science & Technology Department, Chair 202-269-2359
Jonathan Vaile

Blair Van Selow
English Department

Fine Arts Department




Kimberly Walhout Development Coordinator 202-281-1653
Fr. Peter Weigand, OSB, M.T.S. President
Science & Social Studies Departments 202-281-1643
Abbot James Wiseman, OSB, S.T.D. Abbot, St. Anselm's Abbey; Religion Department 202-269-2300
Herbert T. Wood, Ph.D. Science & Mathematics Departments 202-269-2348
Ieva Young Business Manager 202-281-1656