St. Anselm’s Abbey School

A Catholic, Benedictine School for Boys Grades 6 - 12

Academic Excellence

75 years of rigorous, classical education

At a Glance 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Note: This page lists many of the major dates for the 2018-2019 academic year, but it is not intended to be a comprehensive calendar of school events. ALL Dates are subject to change. Please check our online calendar regularly for all the latest updates.

Fall 2018

August 17

New Faculty/Staff Orientation

August 20-21

Faculty/Staff Meetings

August 22

New Student/Parent Orientation (Half Day)

August 23

Opening of School (Full Day)

September 3

Labor Day (No Classes)

October 1

Winter Dress Code Begins

October 8

Columbus Day (No Classes)

October 18

Parent-Teacher Conferences, 10 AM - 6 PM
(No Classes)

October 19Parent-Teacher Conferences, 8 AM - 4 PM
(No Classes)

October 27

Fall Scholarship Gala

November 4

Fall Open House

November 12

Veterans Day (No Classes)

November 21-25

Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

November 26

Classes Resume
Second Trimester Begins (Middle School)

December 14-20

Upper School Final Exams

December 20
- January 4

Christmas Break (No Classes)

Spring 2019

January 4

Faculty In-Service (No Classes)

January 7

Classes Resume
Second Semester Begins (Upper School)

January 13Winter Open House

January 21

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes)

February 18

Presidents' Day (No Classes)

March 6

March 7 -8

Ash Wednesday

Parent - Teacher Conferences (No Classes)

March 25 - March 29

Spring Break (No Classes)

May 1

Spring Dress Code Begins

May 6 - 17

AP Exams (Forms V & VI)

May 20 - 23Upper Division Course Exams

May 23

Last Day of Classes for Forms A-IV

May 24

Field Day

May 26

Baccalaureate Mass (Form VI)

May 27

Memorial Day (No Classes or Exams)

May 28 - 31

Final Exams (Forms A-IV)

May 31

Form II Transition Service

June 1

Vespers of Graduation (Class of 2019)

June 3Annual St. Anselm's Golf Outing

June 4 - 5Faculty Meetings, concluding with Luncheon on June 5