El club de español
El club de español is an organization formed to promote student involvement and understanding of the language and culture of Hispanics throughout the world. In general, the club focuses on learning about Hispanic cultures and the language by participating in activities within St. Anselm’s and also the Washington D.C. area.
In our Spanish Club, we have “fiestas” where we eat Hispanic food; we sing and dance Latin music; we watch movies in Spanish; and we also play games that help us to practice the Spanish language! The club is open to all students. Meetings will be held every first and third Thursday of the month.
El club de español es una organización que tiene como finalidad incentivar a los estudiantes a involucrarse y tener un mejor entendimiento del idioma castellano y la cultura hispana en el mundo. Nos enfocamos en aprender sobre estos aspectos participando en actividades dentro del colegio San Anselmo y también en el área de Washington D.C.
En nuestro club de español, organizamos fiestas con comida hispana, cantamos y bailamos música latina, vemos películas en español y organizamos juegos que nos ayudan a practicar el idioma. Todos los estudiantes de la escuela pueden participar en estas actividades. Nuestras reuniones se realizan el primer y tercer jueves de cada mes.
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953 for the students of North American secondary schools. The name of our chapter is San Anselmo, and it was established in 2016. The mission of the SHH is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies.
    • Membership

    • Festivalito Internacional 2019 Poetry Competition Performance

Qualifications for San Anselmo’s Chapter Membership
Credits and grades: A regularly enrolled student of our secondary school (grades 9-12) who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish for at least three semesters at our school is eligible for membership in the Society. Applicants must have an average of  80% or higher grade in his Spanish class the year before of his application.
The applicant must be enrolled in the study of the language at the time of initiation. If, as a member, he does not continue the study of Spanish, the student may remain in the Society as an Associate Member until graduation at the discretion of the Chapter Sponsor.
Behavior and performance: The applicant must never have failed a class due to attendance, must have a good behavior record and no discipline issues on record. A member may be removed from the Chapter at the discretion of the Chapter Sponsor for failure to maintain an honor average, misconduct or insubordination or other serious infraction.
Meeting attendance: Applicant is willing and available to attend a minimum of 75% of the scheduled monthly meetings during the school year (every first or third Thursday of the month - 10th Period).
Duties: Applicant is willing to promote the purposes of the Society and is willing to participate in the activities organized by the school’s Spanish Club which is sponsored by San Anselmo Chapter.
There are two major events that members are responsible for:
Festivalito Internacional (Spanish - English International Festival)
Service to help a Spanish Speaking Community.

Interested applicants should contact San Anselmo Chapter’s Sponsor and fill out the membership application.