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We have reached the end of another tumultuous year - for the world and our country, but also for our school, our faculty, and our students. In a decision made some weeks ago, the headmaster, the Fine Arts Department, and the coronavirus committee all agreed that we should not hold an in-person Christmas Concert and art show this month. Expectations from the D.C. government (generally more restrictive than Maryland or Virginia) made it clear that large events involving singing and brass/woodwind playing were still considered potential super-spreader events. Since we could not hold a live event outside in the generally colder weather, we opted for the virtual option we offer here.
Fortunately, the students are now allowed to play and sing together in their smaller classes and ensembles, which is a step forward from last year. As even our youngest students are now able to be vaccinated, the Abbey community should be able to return to something more like we were used to before the pandemic. As a result, we are hopeful that we will be able to hold in-person events for the winter and spring plays, as well as the 2022 Spring Concert and Art Show, and have the whole student body singing together again at Mass in the New Year. We wish the whole school community brighter and healthier horizons this summer and a Brighter and Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of our Abbey students.

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