Board of Trustees

St. Anselm's Abbey School, Inc. is a separate subsidiary corporation of the Benedictine Foundation at Washington (St. Anselm's Abbey).

The School has 21 Trustees, one-third of whom are appointed by the Monastic Council of St. Anselm's Abbey, and the remainder of whom are elected by the Board itself.

Board of Trustees, 2021-2022

Mr. Daniel F. Attridge, ’72, Chair
Mr. Christian Barry, ’85
Mr. Robert Bell, Esq.
Ms. Katie C. Blot
Ms. Dilia Caballero
Mr. Terrence Caulfield, '85
Mr. Awenate Cobbina, '98
Rev. Dom Michael Hall, OSB, PhD, '56
Mr. James Lucier, '82
Mr. Michael Mariani, ‘88
Ms. Lisa G. McCurdy, Esq.
Mrs. Cecilia Monahan
Matthew Nolan, Esq., ‘76
Ms. Kathleen Ryan Prebble
Dr. Thomas Ostronic, '74
Ms. Kathleen Ryan Prebble
Mr. John Schissel, '84
Mrs. Faith Schwartz
Rev. Dom Philip Simo, OSB
Mr. Vincent Spadoni
Rev. Dom Peter Weigand, OSB, President Emeritus
Rt. Rev. Dom James Wiseman, OSB, Abbot, St. Anselm's Abbey

Ex Officio

Fr. Anthony Giampietro, CSB, PhD, '78, President
Dr. James Power, Headmaster
Mr. Mark Commins, Secretary/Treasurer