For over 30 years, the House System at St. Anselm's has fostered leadership, service, and brotherhood among students across all grade levels.
Upon entering St. Anselm’s, each student becomes a member of one of four Houses named for important figures in the school’s history: Alban House, named for Fr. Alban Boultwood, the first Abbot of St. Anselm’s Abbey; Austin House, named for Fr. Austin McNamee, the school’s founding Headmaster; Main House, named for Fr. John Main, the school’s fifth Headmaster; and Moore House, named for Fr. Thomas Verner Moore, founder of the monastery and school.

The House System was established in the mid-1980s by then-Headmaster Fr. Michael Hall, '56. While no student can choose for himself which House he joins, it is traditional for members of the same family (brothers, cousins, or fathers and sons) to be placed in the same House. House assignments are announced each September in a "House Draft" on House Day, led by the senior class.

Each House is led by two members of the Sixth Form and is made up of students in all Forms. The four houses compete each year for the House Cup, winning points for their performance in intramural athletics, academic achievement, and participation in extracurricular and community service activities.
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