For over 80 years, St. Anselm’s Abbey School has maintained a rigorous curriculum that remains one of the most demanding in the region.
Rooted in the classical educational tradition, our academic program is designed to give students a firm background in the sciences and liberal arts as well as a solid understanding of the Christian faith on which our school was founded.

In our Middle School, the curriculum provides the intellectual and academic foundations that each student will carry with him not only throughout his Upper School career but long after graduation as well. Latin, Spanish, French, Algebra, Earth Science and Geography are introduced early in a student’s career, thus ensuring that he will have the necessary background to succeed in high school and beyond.

In our Upper School, college textbooks are the norm rather than the exception. Students continue their studies in classical and modern foreign languages, the humanities and social studies, and they take on new challenges in math and science. Juniors and seniors choose classes from over 20 Advanced Placement offerings in all academic areas.

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