Student Life

The Arts

The visual and performing arts are a vital component of the St. Anselm’s experience.
The 2023-2024 Year in Review
The String Orchestra, March 2023
Both inside and outside the classroom, students at all grade levels take advantage of our outstanding facilities and faculty, putting on myriad concerts, plays, musicals and exhibits throughout the school year.

Visual Arts

In both the Middle and Upper Schools, the art program forms an integral part of the curriculum. By focusing on the fundamentals of art and drawing in Middle School, students are guided in form and technique in various mediums. Projects include instruction in classical drawing, watercolor, painting, mixed media sculpture, and mathematical art. In the Upper School, skills are developed further in these varied mediums. Older students advance by utilizing skills in color theory and design, eventually culminating in Advanced Placement Studio Art. For Middle and Upper School classes, self-expression, originality, and individual skills are all combined to create cutting edge works of art. AP Studio Art students are required to enter annual art competitions sponsored by the US government.

Performing Arts

The performing arts program at St. Anselm’s encompasses all aspects of music and theater. Middle School students choose among electives in chorus, orchestra and music appreciation for all three years. The Upper School program is primarily extracurricular, although elective courses are offered in Forms V and VI. There are several major concerts each year that showcase the school’s performance groups as well as individual students.
The theater program provides electives in production, acting and film. Introduction to the theater occurs in Form I, but students are able to participate in stage productions throughout their years at St. Anselm’s. An all-school musical is presented each year, as well as an Upper School play in the fall and a Middle School play in the spring.