Academic Excellence

75 years of rigorous, classical education

Upper School

St. Anselm’s Abbey School is a Catholic, Benedictine community that nurtures the spiritual, personal and intellectual development of young men with demonstrated academic achievement through rigorous study of the liberal arts and sciences, preparing them for the demands of college and a life of learning and service to others.

St. Anselm's Abbey School Mission Statement

Mind, Body, Spirit

By carefully increasing the sophistication and complexity of the course material throughout the upper school curriculum to coincide with the continuing development of the students’ ability to think critically and abstractly, we provide the challenges and opportunities of a broad, liberal arts education that our students need to reach their potential and discover their unique talents and interests. Similarly, our community service program, incorporated directly into the school day, fosters an awareness and appreciation of the true value of those talents. With the introduction of elective courses in the Fifth and Sixth Forms, the Upper School allows students some measure of focus in a particular area while still achieving a significant degree of mastery across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The boys are supported throughout this process by caring and dedicated teachers who are able to engage the students through small class sizes, our faculty advisor system, our athletic program, and in our extra-curricular clubs and activities. From the broad course of studies in our Third and Fourth Forms to the college-level challenges of our Advanced Placement program in the Fifth and Sixth Forms and all the way through to the college application process, our Abbey Boys receive the attention and encouragement from teachers and coaches who know each boy as an individual.