New Students

Welcome to the Abbey!
Here is some useful information for you as you begin your journey as a new Panther family.
Dates to keep in mind:
Wednesday, August 21: New Student/Parent Orientation (half day), 8 am - 12 pm
Thursday, August 22: First Full Day of School, 8 am - 3:30 pm

Dress Code

Unless otherwise announced or approved by the administration, students are always expected to adhere to the school’s dress code while in the Academic Building, and from the beginning of first period until dismissal in all other campus locations. The administration reserves the right to determine whether a clothing item meets dress code. 

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  • Acceptable Dress Code

    • Jacket: (October through April): Blazer, sport coat, or suit jacket
    • Trousers: Khakis, corduroys, or dress pants (any color). Jeans (of any color), cargo pants, camouflage pants and elastic bottomed pants are not acceptable.
    • Belt: Leather or club belt, or suspenders.
    • Shirt: Oxford dress shirt (any color/pattern; button-down, straight, or spread collar). Three button polo shirts are not acceptable. Shirts must be kept completely tucked into the pants at all times.
    • Sweaters: Wool, cotton, or synthetic sweaters or vests may be worn, provided they fit comfortably under the jacket. Sweatshirts, hoodies, and athletic fleeces are not permitted as part of regular school dress code except when specifically authorized by the administration.
    • Tie: Necktie or bowtie, tightened up to the collar.
    • Shoes: Standard dress oxfords or loafers; any color suede oxfords. Oxfords must have laces and be kept tied. Prohibited shoe styles include but are not limited to the following: athletic shoes of any kind; outdoor boots or work boots, including Timberlands; and canvas-topped shoes with rubber soles.
    • Socks: Dress socks or argyles.

Mobile Electronic Device Policies

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  • Middle School

    Middle School Students: Middle School students may not use phones or devices on campus between 7:55 am and 3:00 pm, unless specifically directed to do so by a faculty/staff member. Students must turn in phones as directed at the start of each school day, and they will be stored in the main office until 2:0 pm, when students may collect them. The administration reserves the right to adjust the designated times for use of devices and phones for individuals or a group of students. Violation of these rules may result in devices and/or accessories being confiscated.
  • Upper School

    Upper School Students: Students may use devices and phones before, after, and during school hours outdoors (on morning break and during free periods), in the Commons, Library (handheld devices in he library are held to the same expectations and sures as use of library computers), and in other designated areas as directed by school staff. Students are not allowed to use or have cell phones out in the hallway while transitioning between classes. Cell phones should also be put away in the classroom during school hours unless a teacher has given permission to use devices for a class activity or assignment. Violation of these rules may result in devices being confiscated.
  • Headphones and Earbuds

    Headphones and Earbuds: During school hours, students should remove earphones, headphones, headsets, and earbuds before entering buildings. Listening accessories of any kind are not to be worn in the hallways, in classrooms, or as students transition between classes inside of buildings. Upper School students may use their headphones/earbuds in areas designated for cell phone use. Violation of these rules may result in accessories being confiscated.
  • General Use

    General Use: Outside of the approved areas and times above, devices and phones may be used only for specific instructional use with teacher permission. Students may use devices or phones in classrooms only when the teacher has granted permission for academic reasons. Personal computers, laptops, and/ or tablets may be used in class at the discretion of the teacher and/ or if the student has an approved accommodation.
    During formal assessments and/ or at the teacher's direction, all students must have electronic devices including tablets, phones, and smart watches powered off and stored away from their person. Failure to do so violates the spirit of our academic integrity policy and may result in disciplinary action. Teachers have the right to collect all devices during class.

Panther Portal

St. Anselm’s has an online learning management system, Blackbaud’s MySchoolApp, that gives parents and students access to academic information, including student schedules, grades, assignments, and report cards. The school refers to this system as the "Panther Portal”. Parents and students are all assigned a user ID and password upon entering St. Anselm’s, which they will use throughout their time at the school.

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  • How to Create a User Name and Password in

    1. Navigate to the Login Page:
      • Visit the St. Anselm’s Abbey School login page.
      • Input your email in the provided field
    2. Username Conversion to Blackbaud ID:
      • A message will indicate that your username is being converted to a Blackbaud ID. Click "Continue."
    3. Verify Account with reCAPTCHA:
      • Enter the 6-digit confirmation code sent to your email by Blackbaud in the reCAPTCHA page.
    4. Sign Up for Blackbaud ID:
      • On the sign-up page, fill in your email address, create and confirm your password, and enter your first and last names.
    5. Alternative Sign-In Options:
      • If you prefer to use existing Google or Apple credentials:
        • Click on the "Sign up with Google" button to use your Google account for Blackbaud ID.
        • Alternatively, select "Sign up with Apple" to use your Apple account credentials.
      • Follow the prompts to authorize Blackbaud to use your chosen account for sign-in purposes.
    6. Final Steps:
      • Complete the sign-up process and ensure you receive a confirmation of account creation.
      • Use your Blackbaud ID to access the necessary services provided by St. Anselm’s Abbey School.

Placement Tests

New students will receive information in April about Placement Tests for Math and Languages. Stay Tuned!