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75 years of rigorous, classical education

Classical Languages

Classical Language study introduces students to Classical Antiquity and develops sensitivity and an appreciation in the students for the phenomenon of language as well as for the past.

Departmental Overview

The study of classical languages affords the students with the opportunity not only to perceive similarities but to draw direct correlations between our civilization and those of the past.

The course of study aims to show the vast influence of the ancients in all aspects of our lives: government, law, social institutions, language and life in general. The greater emphasis however, is placed on the language and its literature; its origin, use and importance as a basis of our language and the Romance Languages.

Curriculum Sequence

Form A No Classical Language course, focus on English Grammar and Composition
Form I Latin IA (First half of First Year Latin)
Form II Latin IB (Second half of First Year Latin)
Form III Latin II; Latin Tutorial I (For students entering St. Anselm's in Form III)
Form IV Latin III; Latin Tutorial II (For students entering St. Anselm's in Form III)
Forms V & VI Electives including: Classical Greek 1, Advanced Latin Literature, and Vergil/Caesar (Option to take AP Exam); Latin Tutorial III (Required for Form V students entering St. Anselm's in Form III)

Course Descriptions

Classical Languages Faculty
Mr. Adam Fries
Latin I-A, Latin III, Ancient Greek I &II
B.A., Latin, Miami University of Ohio
B.S., Education / Latin Language Instruction, Miami University of Ohio
Mr. Tom Mehigan
M.S. Hunter College
B.F.A, Illinois Wesleyan University
Ms. Thanh Tran
M.A., Notre Dame University
B.A., Yale University