Parents Association

The Parent Association exists to enrich the experience of all students and their families at St. Anselm’s Abbey School. All parents and guardians are members of the PA, which is lead by the PA Council. Comprised of Form Representatives to the Council from Forms A-VI and led by an Executive Committee, the Council helps organize parent volunteers for a variety of events and projects in support of the mission of the school. The PA Council meets monthly during the academic year, and hosts three general meetings for all members throughout the year.

Parents Association Officers and Reps

Executive Board
President Lisa Burke
Treasurer Mona Amati
Secretary Debra Kushner

Council Members
Gala Rep Julie Weeks
Abbeywear Lead Margaret Farrell
Abbeywear Lead Laura Libanati
Abbeywear Sales Jeremy Griner
Abbeywear Sales Eva St. Claire
Senior Ceremony: Sports Becky Widman
Interhouse Council Liaison Krzys Laski and Carrie Wolf
Basketball Tournament Kurt Schaubach, Robert Carey, Jackie Buckley, Mayra Griggs

Form Parent Representatives
Form A Paul Harasty & Axelle Harasty & Julie Jacobs
Form I Jasmine Musgrave & Danielle Bedlion
Form II Claire Mooney & Kerry Nangle
Form III Catherine O’Sullivan & Emily Riley Citkowski
Form IV Susan Duarte & Erica Iweanoga & Kristina Foley
Form V Damali Baxter
Form VI Matilda Lee & Jeanine Boyle & Debora Ngongang

Parents Association Dues

Student's name & Form

PA Meeting Dates

Parents Association Council Meetings:
Wednesday August 31, 8-9 am (Board Room)
Wednesday October 12, 7-8 pm (Zoom)
Wednesday November 9, 8-9 am (TBD)
Wednesday December 14, 7-8 pm (Board Room)
Wednesday January 11, 8-9 am (Board Room)
Wednesday February 8, 7-8 pm (Board Room)
Wednesday March 15, 8-9 am (Board Room)
Wednesday April 12, 7-8 pm (Board Room)

Parents Association General Meetings (All- Parents):
Wednesday September 28, 7-8:30 pm (Devine Theater)
Wednesday January 25, 7-8:30 pm (Devine Theater)
Wednesday April 26, 7-8:30 pm (Devine Theater)