Academic Excellence

75 years of rigorous, classical education


Our Religion classes, many taught by Benedictines, are designed to present the fullness of the Catholic Faith. All of our students, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, learn the teachings, Tradition and history of the Church and how to appreciate the beliefs of others.

Department Overview

The curriculum is designed around an understanding of faith and reason that are intertwined. All students learn to read and analyze difficult primary sources (some in their original languages, Greek and Latin), including Scripture, the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and our patron, Saint Anselm of Canterbury. They critically engage arguments and come to possess the intellectual or philosophical skills of inquiry upon which theological study is predicated.

Our Upper School Curriculum meets and exceeds the standards set down by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USBBC) Curriculum Framework for Teaching High School Religion. The study of Scripture and Church Doctrine in its academic aspect gives a foundation for spiritual development which is also fostered through a life of liturgy and service in the school.

Curriculum Sequence

Form A
Old Testament I
Form I
Old Testament II
Form II
New Testament
Form III
Doctrine I: God, Trinity, Jesus Christ
Form IV
Doctrine II: Church and Sacraments
Form V
Christian Ethics
Form VI
Electives including: Modern Spiritual Masters; The Monastic Movement in the Church; Sacred Masterpieces; Unity and Division in Christianity; World Religions in Dialogue; Bioethics; Theology of the Body; Philosophy of Religion

Course Descriptions

Christian Life on CampusLiving Faith Through Prayer and Service

Religion Faculty
Mr. Robert Alspaugh, Department Chair
Form III Religion, Christian Ethics
M.A., Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville
B.A., Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville
Mr. John Goldberg
Form A Religion
B.A., St. Joseph's University

Fr. Michael Hall, OSB, '56
Unity and Division in Christianity
Ph.D., History, McGill University
Diploma in Historical Studies, University of Cambridge
M.A., History and Politics, Catholic University of America
B.A., Philosophy and History, Catholic University of America
Mr. Michael Staron
Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Bioethics
M.A. Catholic University of America
B.A., Drew University
Abbot James A. Wiseman, OSB
Religion & Science. World Religions in Dialogue, Christian Spirituality
S.T.D., Theology, Catholic University of America
M.A., Theology, Catholic University of America
B.A., Philosophy, Georgetown University