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Form IV Students

Although students will become most actively involved in the college search and application process at the beginning of their Form V (junior) year, there are many things students and parents do during the Form IV (sophomore) year.

Form IV Timeline of Events:

Fall Semester

  • In October, all Form IV students will take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test). This test will help prepare you for the SAT. The College Counseling staff will offer a test prep session.
  • In December you will receive your test scores. The College Counseling staff will meet with you to discuss the scores.

Spring Semester

  • Consult your math and science teachers in January through March about taking the SAT subject tests for Math I or II and Physics in June. To learn more about these tests, go to It’s early to know what your college major will be and what colleges you will submit applications to, yet some colleges and specific majors require 2-3 particular subject tests. The important thing is that the content material from your classes is fresh. This is usually the best time to take the tests and get them out of the way if you will need them for admission to college.
  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor in April to discuss your program for the junior year. He or she will be able to suggest appropriate AP courses and other choices. You may need to secure a teacher’s permission for some classes.
  • Talk with your Western Civilization teacher about taking the AP European History test.
  • Search for a meaningful employment, internship, community service, or study opportunity for the summer. Work experience is important if you will apply for financial aid in college, and it helps your application file if it develops skills related to your college major. Consider taking a college course in a field that furthers your interest in a profession like law, architecture, or engineering or a field of studies like languages or anthropology.
  • Attend area college fairs to talk with representatives from many colleges and universities.