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Summer Opportunities

Every year, the College Counseling Office receives notices of summer travel, learning, and enrichment programs for high school students. Some programs specify the student's age and/or grade level, and require a nomination from the school counselor or headmaster. As part of the application process, a student may be required to submit a transcript, standardized test scores, and an essay. Below you will find a list of opportunities from recent years, with links to find the latest dates and detail. Please check regularly for brochures for these or similar programs posted on the bulletin boards outside the College Counseling Office. Consult with Mr. DeLuca or Mr. Harwood if you have additional questions.

Summer Opportunities
Tisch Summer Programs for High School Students at New York University
Courses available in Acting, Filmmaking, Theatre, and Photography. Programs in Dublin, New York City, Paris, Singapore. Earn 6 college credits. Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Special Programs at
Call: 212-998-1500


Carnegie Mellon University
For students entering junior/senior year

Programs in Architecture, Design, Art, Drama, Music. Video game development at the National High School Game Academy (NHSGA). College subjects with college credit.



Oxbridge Academic Programs
For high school students 13 - 18

French language immersion in Paris/Montpellier. Spanish language immersion in Barcelona. Courses at Oxford and Cambridge.

Contact: or
Mail-in cards are available outside the College Counseling Office.


Cornell University
Explore careers in Architecture, Art, Business, Computer, Engineering, Environmental Science, Film, History & Politics, Hotel Management, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine

Earn 3-6 college credits.

Contact: or
Call: 607-255-6203


University of Maryland Young Scholars Program
Enroll in one 3-credit course in Biotechnology, Terrorism & Popular Culture, Engineering, Journalism, Weather & Climate, Product Development & Marketing, Mock Trials, and more.

Applications Accepted: Mid-February - Beginning of July
Contact: University of Maryland Young Scholars Program


Discover the World of Communication at American University
For students beginning grades 9 - 12

Courses in Script writing, Journalism, Broadcasting, Film, Video, Photography, Creative Writing

Contact: Click here


Pre-College Summer Workshop in Architecture
The Catholic University of America

Three-week workshop for students interested in architecture or other design-related fields

Call: 202-319-5786


West Point Summer Leaders Program
Two Sessions Available

For students interested in attending West Point, and who will complete their junior year of high school before this summer. Academic Classes, Military Training, Sports, Tours

Contact: West Point Summer Leaders Experience
Call: 845-938-4041


University of Rochester Pre-College Programs

Summer Residential Program (Grades 9 - 12)
Rochester Scholars (Grades 9 - 12)
Rochester Scholars Jr. (Grades 6 - 8)

Live on campus. Credit and non-credit courses andmini-courses offered.
Sample Classes: Brainiac! The Basics of the Brain, Nerves, Synapses, and Circuits;
Careers in Engineering; Microchips in a Macro World; Computer Music; Voices of the Holocaust; The Extended Essay; Black Holes, Aliens, and Exoplanets; Introduction to Sociology;
and more.

Malawi Immersion Summer Seminar (Grades 11 - 12)
Two-week cultural exploration in Africa.

Contact: University of Rochester Pre-College Program


Broadreach Summer Programs
14-day, 20-day, 30-day programs, June - August

Students entering grades 9 - 12

Marine Science: Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage, Costa Rica Sea Turtle Studies,
Belize Dolphin Studies, Fiji Shark Studies, Caribbean Marine Conservation
Language Immersion: Spanish in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru;
French in French West Indies and France; Chinese in China
Community Service and Environmental Studies: Panama Primate Studies,
Chile Energy and Climate Studies, South African Wildlife Conservation
Earn up to three college credits or 55 hours of community service credits.

Contact: or
Call: 888-833-1907 or 888-833-1908


Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)
Residential programs for students ages 10 - 17

Locations: Amherst, Bryn Mawr, Dartmouth, Emory, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, Vassar, Yale

Courses: Humanities, Math & Science, Visual& Performing Arts, Fitness & Recreation,

Call: 866-303-4744


Engineering New Frontiers Summer Program for High School Students
The Catholic University of America

Rising high school juniors and seniors.

Students will work in teams for the week and will be introduced to biomedical, civil, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering concentrations.

Contact: or see
Call: 202-319-5160


Summer Discovery

Two-six week programs for high school and middle schoolstudents available on 12 campuses in 5 countries, including UCLA, Michigan, Georgetown, NYU, the University of Pennsylvania, London, Barcelona, Florence, and Shanghai.Four-week internships available in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and San Francisco. Tuition: $3,400-$9,200.

Contact: or see
Call: 516-621-3939


High School Summer Scholars Program at Washington University in St. Louis
Two Sessions

Must be a current high school sophomore or junior with a B+ GPA. Students select two college courses and can earn college credits. Noncredit options are also available in creative writing, Japanese popular culture, and pre-medical studies.

Contact: or see
Call: 866-209-0691


University of Notre Dame
Two-week program for rising juniors and seniors

Courses in Archaeology, China's Transformation, Damte's Inferno, Life Sciences,
Policy Debate & Public Speaking, Theology, Psychology, Film, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Call: 574-631-0990


Babson College

Babson's collaborative summer learning laboratories seek to advance a student's knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. Students will gain the tools and experience first-hand how to impact and reshape organizations, industries, and the world.

Contact: Babson College Summer Programs
Call: 781-235-1200



Columbia University Summer High School Programs
Students entering grades 9-12 can enroll in pre-college courses offered in New York City, Barcelona, and the Middle East.

Columbia Campus (New York City)

The Bill of Rights: An Introduction to Constitutional Law (Freshmen & Sophomores)
Introductory Arabic: The Language in Cultural Context (Juniors & Seniors)
Introduction to Conflict Resolution (Juniors & Seniors)
Advanced Topics in Philosophy (Juniors & Seniors)

Columbia Campus & King’s Academy (Manja, Jordan):
Understanding The Arab World

History, Art, and Urban Development (Juniors & Seniors)

Contact: Click here


Duke University TIP (Talent Identification Program)
For students in grades 9-12

The Duke University TIP offers challenging educational adventures to motivated, dedicated, and talented high school students who possess a desire to learn in a unique setting.Courses, taught by top instructors, letyou investigate law as a career path; complete your own independent film; study in the Costa Rican rainforests; conduct a research project in the Appalachian Mountains; immerse yourself in the culture of China, Costa Rica, Italy, or the Netherlands; or examine the complexities of green architecture, futurism, or chaos theory.

Contact: Click here


Putney Student Travel
Global Awareness In Action (GAIA)
Students learn about concerns challenging world communities first-hand: homelessness, poverty, HIV/AIDS, health care, conflict and genocide, environmental conservation, children’s and women’s issues in Cambodia, El Salvador, India, Rwanda.

Cultural Exploration
Students broaden their perspectives as they visit art centers, theater festivals, small villages and large urban areas, wilderness landscapes and historical places in Israel, Jordan, Patagonia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Britain, China.

Community Service
Projects in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Peru, Ecuador, Senegal, Vietnam.

Call: 802-387-5000


The Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop

This program will be held on the Kenyon College campus in Gambier, Ohio.
Students will participate in creative writing workshops and attend evening author readings.

Application Deadline: March 1. Essay, teacher recommendation, transcript required.

Contact: Click here


Ringling College of Art and Design
Pre-College Perspective

Build a portfolio of worthy work, explore art majors, earn college credits.

Call: 941-955-8869


Great Books Summer Program
Grades 6-12
Two-week and one-week programs held at Amherst College and Stanford University.

Call: 866-480-7323



Four-week, two-week, and one-week courses are available in architecture, business, engineering, journalism, visual & performing arts, writing.

Contact: click here
Call: 213-740-5679


University of Pennsylvania

Penn Summer High School Programs
6-Week Pre-College Program

This program is intended for a student who will be a junior or senior in the fall.
Choose from credit and non-credit courses in an environment that is typical for an undergraduate freshman.


4-Week Academies
These programs are for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are contemplating medical or science careers. Offerings include biomedical labs and research, and experimental physics.

Summer Engineering Programs for High School Students
Three-week programs combine theory and practical experience in the fields of computer science, computer graphics, nanotechnology, biomedical technology, and more.


Wharton Pre-College Programs in Business
Students who are interested in investigating a career business can choose from a technology and business institute or a course in business leadership in the world.

Contact: Click here


The College of William & Mary DC Summer Session
Two Sessions

Highly-motivated rising juniors and seniors can spend the summer in the Washington, DC area taking rigorous courses in a variety of disciplines at the Dupont Circle campus of W&M.

Contact: Click here


Portsmouth Abbey School
For rising 7th-10th graders.

Classes are available in literature, English composition, public speaking , creative writing, Latin for English, economics, statesmanship, great ideas in American history, apologetics, film & culture, pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, environmental & marine sciences.

Contact: Click here


Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School
Grades 7-12

Upper School
Students choose three seminar-style classes for five weeks.

Charles J. Hamm, ’55 Leadership Program
Students take Leadership & Society, Practical Leadership Seminar, and a third course
from a list of available classes in the Upper School.

Contact: Click here


Deer Hill Expeditions

This program combines wilderness adventure with an opportunity to work on service projects with native peoples that honor their traditional lifeways.

Call: 800-553-7221


Appalachian Mountain Club Teen Wilderness Adventures

For students ages 12-18
Programs run from 5-28 days.

Thirty-six different outdoor experiences are available, combining activities such as hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, and mountain biking.
The programs foster appreciation for the environment, help teens develop self-esteem, promote teamwork and friendship, and instill a spirit of adventure.

Call: 603-466-2727


Leaders for Life International - Middle and High School Leadership
Hamilton College


Leadership for Life International empowers teens to create balance in their lives, plan and execute their goals, and develop self-confidence. The week-long program includes an outdoor challenge course, teambuilding activities, solution-creating strategies, public speaking strategies, success principles for teens.

Contact: Click here



The George Washington University

Pre-College Program
Credit and Non-Credit Programs

Contact: Click here


The Experiment In International Living:
A Program of World Learning

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the people in a new country. Become a member of a host family; adopt their language, traditions, and food; gain a deeper understanding of their culture.

There are three-, four-, and five-week programs in over 40 countries.

Contact: or



Emerson College
Arts and Communication Pre-College Programs For High School Students

Studio programs are available film production, animation, film writing, fiction and magazine writing, acting, musical theatre, and stage design.

Contact: Click here
Call: 617-824-8280


Emory University
An academic pre-college program for high school students

Three Two-Week Sessions

Credit and non-credit courses are available in Neuroscience & Technology, Neuroscience of Addiction, Law & Litigation, Ethics & Bioethics, Abnormal Psychology, Experimental Economics, and more.



University of Notre Dame
School of Architecture Career Discovery

The 13-day program includes design studios, architecture seminars, and field trips.
Students will learn architectural history, and the skills and responsibilities required
in contemporary architectural practice.

Call: 514-631-2322


Blueprint Programs

At George Washington University, Stonehill College, UCLA, and Lehigh University
For students entering grades 10-12.

One- and two-week programs. Courses include: Spanish Culture & Tradition, Pharmaceutical Development, Coaching for the Greater Good, Life & Death: Ethics & Law, We Don’t Need No Education?



OLAB (Opportunities To Learn About Business)

This is a one-week hands-on introduction to business and the market economy. Students work in competitive teams to organize and run a mock business, and develop and market a product. Selected students receive a full-tuition scholarship.



Shakespeare Theatre Company of Washington
Camp Shakespeare

A two-week day camp for students ages 9-18, designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare through analysis of text, improvisation, and performance.Workshops are offered in Washington, Alexandria,
McLean, and Silver Spring. Scholarships are available.

Contact: Click here
Call: 202-547-5688


Yale Summer Sessions

For current high school juniors and seniors. Live in one of Yale’s residential colleges and take Yale College courses for credit.



High School Summer Program At Harvard
For rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Earn college credits in courses taken with college students and adults. Over 300 courses to choose from in over 60 liberal arts fields.

Call: 617-495-3192


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
PREFACE Summer Program

For rising juniors and seniors from groups that have historically and traditionally been
underrepresented in science, engineering, and technological fields.Activities and classes develop leadership and team-building skills. The program provides students with a snapshot of college life while they explore career opportunities in engineering.

Contact: Click here


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Summer Programs

Research Science Institute
Six weeks at MIT for rising juniors. features exploration of advanced theory and research in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering. Students attend college-level classes conducted by MIT’s distinguished faculty and complete a hands-on project that can be entered in national science competitions. If selected, the program is free.

Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)
This six-week program is for promising high school juniors who plan to study science, engineering, or entrepreneurship, especially those from minority backgrounds and other underrepresented groups. If selected, the program is free.

Contact: Click here


Boston College Experience
Summer Program for High School Students

This program is for rising seniors.Spend six weeks at Boston College: take college classes, earn college credits, live and study with peers, interact with outstanding professors.

Call: 617-552-3800


Tufts University
Summer Pre-College Program for High School Students

Whole or half summer sessions

Take one or two courses with college undergraduates in liberal arts. Special course offerings are also available in writing, health science, computer & interactive media, ethics & global citizenship. Credits earned may be transferred to other colleges and universities.

Call: 617-627-2000


Boston University Summer

High School Honors Program:
A six-week program for students who will be juniors or seniors in the fall.
Students will take two undergraduate college courses, and may earn up to eight transferable college credits.

Summer Challenge:
This is a four-week program for students entering grades 10, 11, 12 in the fall. Students take two non-credit courses from the following options: abnormal psychology, business, creative writing, electrical & computer engineering,
infectious diseases, international politics, journalism, law, mass communication, nutrition, persuasive writing, philosophy, and visual arts.

Contact: Click here
Call: 617-353-1378


Ohio State University
Ross Mathematics Program

An intensive summer experience designed to encourage motivated pre-college students to explore mathematics.

Contact: Click here


LEAD Engineering Summer Engineering Institute (SEI)

Held at Cal Tech, Georgia Tech, University of California at Berkeley,
University of Virginia, and Villanova University.

Co-sponsored by Google, DuPont, and ALCOA, the program introduces students of color with outstanding academic performance and demonstrated leadership skills to the field of engineering.

Contact: Click here


College of the Atlantic
Summer Field Institute for High School Students

For rising juniors and seniors.

Do you have a strong interest in human ecology? Are you ready for a challenge?
Explore the connections between science, art, and the humanities in an intensive program which combines academic work with field experiences in whale feeding grounds, seal haul-outs, seabird colonies, and the Maine forests and coasts.



The College of William & Mary, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation,
and the National Institute of American History and Democracy:
Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History

Two Sessions

For juniors and seniors in high school.

High school students earn four college credits transferrable from The College of William & Mary. Two courses are available: From the Founding of Jamestown to the American Revolution and From the American Revolution to the American Civil War. Courses include special performances, lectures, and behind-the-scenes talks with interpreters, curators, researchers, and historians. Students participate in an archaeological dig and maintain an electronic journal for evaluation.



Summer at Carleton

Summer Writing Program
College-bound juniors can learn to write effective academic essays and earn six Carleton credits. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Carleton Liberal Arts Experience
This is an introduction to college life and to the strengths of a liberal arts education.

Carleton Summer Science Institute
For high school sophomores and juniors, participants learn to think and write
like scientists with hands-on research that culminates in a research symposium.

Contact: Click here
Call: 866-767-2275


Sewanee-The University of the South
Sewanee Environmental Institute (SEI) Pre-College Field Studies Experience

For rising high school juniors and seniors who are passionate about the outdoors.The program offers an interdisciplinary introduction to environmental studies.

Contact: Click here


Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists
Boston University

Scientific thought and creativity is fostered in high school students through interaction with mathematicians and scientists working in academia and industry.

Call: 617-353-2563


Middlebury College & Monterey Institute of International Studies

Beginning and advanced course offerings for middle and high school students in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Several locations: Green Mountain College, Roger Williams University, Swarthmore College, Wofford College, Lewis University, Oberlin College, Pomona College, UC Santa Cruz.

Students live in language-specific residence halls, participate in language classes, and speak the target language in all activities-cooking, hiking, soccer competitions, etc.

Contact: Click here


Political Communication, Advocacy, and Leadership Institute (PAL)
Emerson College

This program is for students entering grades 10-12 during the coming school year.It will provide intensive
training experience in leadership, government, social advocacy, and communication.

Contact:  Click here
Call: 617-824-8940


Pratt Institute Pre-College Program
(Pratt Center for Continuing & Professional Studies)

Students select credit-bearing and non-credit courses in architecture, illustration, design, sculpture, and creative writing.

Contact: Click here


BLUR: Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists
Sweet Briar College


This is a co-ed summer arts program for high school students interested in theatre, visual arts, and creative writing.Students will spend two-thirds of their time in studio with artist-teachers, and one-third of their time collaborating with their peers to produce exhibits and performances. Each student will receive an iPad for use throughout the summer session.

Contact: Click here
Call: 434-381-6181



Pre-College Program
Students who have completed 9 th grade can live on campus for the full summer and
take credit and non-credit courses.

Explore the craft and creativity of acting.

Brown Leadership Institute
Two-week sessions offered.

Global Programs
Sessions last the entire summer.

Spark Science for Middle School
Each session lasts one week.


Discover Wall Street 101
Bentley University

During this residential week-long summer camp, high school students will learn about the stock market, participate in simulated trading sessions, and gain hands-on experience with Bentley's high-tech Trading Room and other business resources. The new skills gained will help students understand what it's like to work on Wall Street.

Contact: Click here


Junior State of America (JSA)
Junior Statesmen Foundation

For students in grades 8-11 who have a passionate interest in politics and current affairs. University professors teach courses at Georgetown, Princeton, Stanford, and Beijing, China. Participants will create and run a legislative body patterned after the U.S. Congress. They will also meet with leaders in government and the media to complement classroom experiences.

Students must complete an application, essays, and submit a transcript and one teacher recommendation. The cost is $5,000, and scholarships are available. See Mr. DeLuca or Mr. Harwood if you’re interested in being nominated for this program.

Call: 800-334-5353


University of Delaware
Summer College

Academically talented high school sophomores and juniors live on campus for a full summer and take 2-3 college courses for academic credit, which is transferable.



University of Michigan
Summer Programs for High School Students

Contact: Click here



University of Chicago
Summer Programs for High School Students

Scholarships are available.Courses available:American Law & Litigation, Ancient Egyptian Language, Culture, and History, Fiction Writing, Collegiate Writing, Developmental Psychology, Green: Behavioral Economics and Sustainability, Field Study in Urban Society, RIBS: Research in Biological Sciences, Stones and Bones: A Practicum in Paleontology, Travel Academy: Drama and Performance in Ancient Greece, Intensive Language: Arabic, Mandarin, Classical/Attic Greek, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian.



University of Pittsburgh
Why Come To Pitt This Summer?
Earn Credits. Engage Your Mind. Explore the Possibilities!

Students can choose from more than 500 courses during 4-week or 6-week sessions and live on campus.

Contact: Click here
Call: 412-624-7428


Northwestern University


Students can choose from over 300 courses in four- and eight-week sessions.

IN FOCUS Seminars
These two-week noncredit courses for high school students are structured like college seminars and taught by Northwestern faculty. The summer seminars include: Law School and the Legal Profession, Humanitarianism and Global Justice, Sustainability and the Economy, Environment, and Society.



Syracuse University
Summer College for High School Students

Explore college majors and experience college residential life with credit and non-credit course offerings. Students have 2-, 4-, and 6-week program options.

Call: 315-443-5000


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Frontiers
Two two-week sessions offered.

Frontiers is a residential, research, and learning experience for rising juniors and seniors. Students engage in solving problems with the use of current laboratory techniques in aerospace engineering, biology, chemistry/biochemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, computer and electrical engineering, interactive media and game development, mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, and robotics.

Call: 508-831-5286


Telluride Association (TASP)

Seminars for current high school juniors conducted by college professors at
Cornell University and the University of Michigan

Application Deadline: January 20



Gettysburg College Civil War Era Camp

Gettysburg College’s Civil War Camp is designed for high school students intrigued by American Civil War history.  For six days you will enjoy historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while studying the American Civil War History through lectures, field trips, and unique learning experiences. You will explore the circumstances leading to the war, investigate significant battles during the war, and explore the condition of the United States after the war.  Your time will be spent in classrooms, museums, archives, and on battlefields.
July 5 - 10, $1350 including lodging, meals, activities. For rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Click here